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What the Burglar Took

That night it was nothing.
Cinematic, he’d slid
under the kitchen window,
swerved an old veined saucer,
rocked the vintage cactus,
slippered his way across tiles
on a moulting rug
that still smelt of your last dog
and made you wheeze.
After that threshold no sign,
yet you felt him in every omission –
the carriage clock that paced him
but never chimed, silver fish
partying by moonlight who’d fled
into covens of dust, slivers
of street-lamp that laid a grid
from back to front room
where shadows failed to creak.
His exit, another window,
half open in the study.
The room was rigid with night,
The Great Bear
encrypted in the cushions.
You touched frost on the inside,
took to spying on your house,
heard whispers in the heating kettle
morse in the water-pipes.

Rosalind Hudis

published in Agenda, Summer Issue 2016