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Heart Patch

For him to sew a patch
across the tiny abyss
in your four month heart,
the surgeon
must have you chilled,
your breath postponed
in a pause
outside the beat
you were set to.
As you slip
below the heat-line,
an arctic incubus
wells up through
your skin. We run
at the speed of death
down corridors
rimed with day-break
while nurses course alongside
like snow-geese migrating,
unstoppable and urgent
as they press you
between thermals of wool.
When the wind lifts you
from your father’s arms to theirs
I remember this is the day
of solar eclipse.
The moon will defer the sun
muffle its pulse,
draw night’s simulacrum
through the lunch-hour
of junior physicians
while they settle off-time wings
on the courtyard benches.
Their sandwich foil
that unmeshes the sun
into fractions of a rose window
will smoke over,
like a moment known
to all the work-force of hearts
in partial eclipse.
Later I’ll forget
even to remember this,
subtracted from the daylight,
in a waiting room
on the rim of your theatre,
I’ll think of the surgeon’s hands,
dough pale and trimmed,
between butcher’s and tailor’s.

Rosalind Hudis

published in anthology, Jericho, 2012, Cinnamon Press,
ISBN 978-1-9070906-7-7