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published at Bow-Wow Shop;

and part of the British Library Digital Archive


February Charm


It wonít be long now, the February struggle

through a plateau of low reserves and cold.

Daylight enough to get home before dark,

enough to see itís the bottom of the end.


The marshes will be water-filled a long time,

maybe in June they still wonít be passable.

Years back, I could cross all through those

dry winters ó in a good frost, no trouble.


I put a charm into the end of February,

a stake I want to lose. It isnít yet begun,

so never mind the little enchantments

like crocuses the ground has hoarded up:


other plants can struggle all through winter,

and die in March. But the gift, when I stand

one day soon in a patch of old grass and reed

as the caterpillar trainset rattles to Chingford,


that depends on what I give up now, as if

my charm has made the spring; the spring

will release my own little wheel, and the bell

that wakes my effort to believe itís what there is.



Peter Daniels


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