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published in collection, The Meanest Flower, Carcanet, 2007



after Hafez


However large earthís garden, mineís enough.

One rose and the shade of a vineís enough.


I donít want more wealth, I donít need more dross.

The grape has its bloom and it shines enough.


Why ask for the moon? The moonís in your cup,

a beggar, a tramp, for whom wineís enough.


Look at the stream as it winds out of sight.

One glance, one glimpse of a chineís enough.


Like the sun in bazaars, streaming in shafts,

any slant on the grand designís enough.


When youíre here, my love, what more could I want?

Just mentioning love in a lineís enough.


Heaven can wait. To have found, heaven knows,

a bed and a roof so divineís enough.


Iíve no grounds for complaint. As Hafez says,

isnít a ghazal that he signs enough?



Mimi Khalvati


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