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Isle of the Living

     (after Arnold Böcklin, Isle of the Dead)
How relieved we are
to alight here at last,
the boat shoving into
shingle, hurling us
headlong at dry land.
The river-path snakes us
away from the shore,
and the hills’ embrace
consoles, as we start
the length of the valley.
No cypress-grove, no
bleak morse-code tapping
at the mind’s ear,
no sheer-stop cliff,
God’s secret temples
nowhere in the rock,
only fields that seem
to unfurl quite willingly,
ragwort and daisy
insisting themselves
out of soil; and ahead
a warm bothy –
one chimney puffing
its cigar – always
awaiting us, even though
we never quite arrive.

Michael Loveday

published in The Spectator, 14th October 2017