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 **  The First Wife's Tale  has been long-listed
for the Wales Book of the Year 2007  **

in collection The First Wife's Tale, 2006, Shoestring Press

ISBN-13 978 1 904886 46 4.  ISBN-10 1 904886 46 9



Some people fall into a sly black hole.

I surf the net, find young good-looking men

I knew years back, now bald and gross, and some

others there were, I cannot find at all.


Some names are quite unusual; though I spell

them right, thereís no response; theyíre either dead

or stunned by beer and pills, or lost abroad;

and some Iíve quite forgotten.  Just as well.


I count them out, those who were young with me.

Thereís the night sky, now slowly turning grey,

some few bright stars still burn at break of day;

behind them, multitudes that you canít see.


I type my own name in the flattened square;

eleven thousand references appear.


Merryn Williams


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