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6 Mar 14

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Because I’ve never been to Australia
I believe it is coated with terrracotta dust,
so hot, people only live around the edges,
in towns named after English suburbs.
Beyond the coast, there is the bush,
a misnomer for parched scrubland
where a man might wander off,
be lost for good.
Somewhere there is a rock called Uluru,
a coral reef with electric fish,
and colonies of uncaged budgies nest
in eucalyptus hollows.
And somewhere there is you,
eating Christmas dinner in the sun,
sleeping while I’m awake. A firewall
of burnt earth between us.

Margaret Beston

in collection Long Reach River, 2013, Indigo Dreams Publishing,
ISBN 978-1-909357-11-2;
shortlisted in Second Light Poetry Competition, 2012;
published in Orbis, # 158, 2012