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in collection In the Dangerous Cloakroom, 2006

Shoestring Press, ISBN 978 1 904886 41 9

Previously published in Staple 

Black Sheep

(after a picture  by Paula Rego)


Three bags full I ordered.

Got the number from the Yellow Pages—

‘Black Sheep Enterprises’. He sounded

ever so nice on the phone.

When could he deliver? I said

the afternoon’d be fine.


Well I thought it was the devil:

black horns coiled like ammonites.

But there was something about him.

I stashed the wool away right quick,

let my red face cool.


And now my fingers work

a living fleece, one cloven foot

lost in the folds of my full skirt.


My little one is coming down the lane.

His days of nursery rhymes are numbered.


Kathryn Daszkiewicz


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