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published in collection Taro Fair, 2003

Shoestring Press ISBN No. 1 899549 80 3 

Taro Fair

(Flora Twort: 1893-1985)


During that time, she woke to the horses

Passing under her window and followed

Later, their straw plaited manes.  Like faces

In the sky's crumbling landscape, she noticed

Other things as she put up her easel

At the Taro Fair.  But the words which led

Her had been that way before and were first

To leave, though they ran along her fingers,

Quietly counting the syllables.  All

She saw was enough; all they gave, disguise.


That was when the conversations ended,

On a hot day in the stares of gypsy

Children, when the lake water responded

As if moved by her brush, when life became

The true miracle and she saw the grey

In the white, the white in the grey.  And so

Easy, the horses, moving in a time

Almost forgotten, across her canvas

To another place that retained its eye

And watched the marvel growing in her face.


Ian Caws


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article by William Oxley:  
"Ian Caws:  A Mystical Elegance of Form"

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