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published in anthology, Genius Floored, ed. Ruth O’Callaghan,

Soaring Penguin, 2009, ISBN 978-0-9552871-6-9


Losing Touch


Long time, no see.

Letters unanswered, unforwarded.

Finally, I tracked you down

to a room where you’d found work

in a care home.


I could see the years

had been long ones.

White overall

sensible shoes

tidy hair

you sat surprised

in a dark corner

on your single bed

offering little

avoiding my eyes

ignoring my questions.


A distant smile

in the space between us

dashed all hope

I’d find you spiralling

headlong into

your next adventure.

No sign of your old tote bag

no beads, nor record sleeves, to hint

at the heady music that filled our days.


Where did you leave

your red and orange kaftan

the sandals that hitched to North Africa

and home again?

I didn’t expect to find you like this

nor to leave you

with your hands trembling.



Frances White


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