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in collection, Nearly the Happy Hour, 2008,

HappenStance Press.  ISBN 978-1-905939-07-7


The going-away dress


Now itís the only one left in the wardrobe

slanted sideways on the tarnished rail, looking

over its shoulder, swinging

on a padded sateen hanger.


Still not out of fashion, though seasons

of going are always changing - baby,

bridal, through all the shades of fading

into one colour, any colour, the only colour.


It wears itself lightly, this dress - floating

on butterflies, closed wings praying.

Always the perfect fit, ready to slip

so easy from its perch; this year, next year,


sometime. It sighs like silk

inhaling the dust of its own passport.

A dress for departing on a single ticket,

with a bag of bruised apples, half a loaf.


It could be night. Or autumn. Or soon.

Sometimes you can hear its half-creak,

this side of ghostly, straining for the date

of release; the brilliant daylight; away.



D A Prince


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