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D A Prince was born in Leicestershire although her family roots are in Wales.  A degree in English Literature (Reading University), followed by training in librarianship, led to a varied working life in libraries, teaching, educational administration (at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama), and adult education.  Writing poetry provided a parallel life, first in the weekly competitions in the New Statesman and Spectator.  These continue to provide an outlet for her life-long fascination with light verse in all its forms, and with the people who write it.  They also gave her the confidence to submit 'proper' poetry to a range of  poetry magazines and be published in, for example, Smiths Knoll, Magma, The Rialto, Other Poetry, The Interpreter's House, Seam.  She relishes the world of 'small' magazines and also reviews regularly.

Her first pamphlet, Undoing Time, was published by Pikestaff Press in 1998, followed by Keeping in touch from the same publisher in 2002.  Meanwhile Manifold 'Century' Chapbooks had brought out Without Boundaries in 2001.

In 2008 Happenstance Press published her full-length collection, Nearly the Happy Hour; this was the first full-length publication from this lively publisher. Common Ground, also HappenStance Press, was published in 2014. Writing poetry, readings and reviewing (in that order), combined with membership of the Leicester-based women's poetry group SoundsWrite, are her favourite occupations.

Anthologies include:

How to be Well-Versed in Poetry, ed.E O Parrott, Viking, 1990 and subsequently Penguin, 1991. ISBN 0-670-82327-9.


The Muse Strikes Back:  a poetic response by women to men, ed. Katherine McAlpine and Gail White.  USA, Story Line Press, 1997.
ISBN 1-885266-49-9.


A Shame to Miss 3, ed. Anne Fine, Corgi Books, 2002.
ISBN 0-552-54869-3.


Winter Gifts, ed. Helena Nelson, HappenStance Press, 2005.
ISBN 0-9550280-5-1.


Unsuitable Companions, ed. Helena Nelson, HappenStance Press, 2007.
ISBN 978-1-905939-03-9.


SoundsWrite 2005, ed. Karin Koller and Pat Corina, SoundsWrite Press,
2005. ISBN 0-9550786-0-1.


SoundsWrite 2006, ed. Karin Koller and D A Prince, SoundsWrite Press,
2006. ISBN 0-9550786-2-8.


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