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previously published in TLS, No. 5008, 1999,

in collection "Natural Causes", Shoestring Press, 2003,

ISBN: 1 899549 86 2


Natural Causes


Rodriguez Petrón:  stabbed.

Eva Waters:  scarlet fever.  

Van Houten:  beaten with a stone.  

Chas Helm:  shot.  

Holo Lucéro:  killed by Indians.  

Peter Smith:  struck with a poker.  

Frank Bowles:  thrown from his horse.  

Freddie Fuss:  stagnant water.  

John Heath:  lynched by a mob.  

Thom Cowan:  diphtheria.  

John Gibson:  crushed by a wagon.  

Mrs Stump:  died in childbirth.  

Geo Johnson:  hanged by mistake.  

Billy Kinsman:  crime of passion.  

Delia William:  arsenic poison.  

William Carpenter:  kidney infection.  

Charley Storms:  cardgame shooting.  

Lester Moore:  "four slugs from a .44".  

Kansas Kid:  killed in stampede.  

Malvina Lopez:  charcoal fumes.  

Archie McBride:  consumption.  

James McMartin:  "over consumption".  

Mrs Pring:  suicide, hydrate chloral.  

Brady Boys:  drowned while swimming.  

Foo Kee:  ptomaine poisoning.  

Johnnie Blair:  smallpox.  

Unknown man:  mining fall.  

Mrs Brown:  natural causes.


André Mangeot


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