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 Alice Beer 1912 - 2011

in collections:   Facing Forwards Looking Back,  

Poetry Monthly Press, 1999, ISBN 1 903031 00 7

Talking of Pots, People & Points of View, poetry p f,

2005, ISBN 0-9552040-0-3 / 978-0-9552040-0-5


After the Creation

When God had finished creating

the earth and the sea and the heavens

and every living thing that swam in the water

and flew in the air

and dwelt on the land—


when he had made man in his image,

male and female,

he felt exceedingly happy.

A smile spread over his face

that lit up the earth and the firmament

with the joy of creation.


And to single out his favourite—

man made in his image—

he bestowed on him the gift

of creativity.


Reflecting on it afterwards he wondered

if —man being man—

he had not been a little impetuous.


Alice Beer



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