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13th Nov 11

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Little turnip-face
hung in this jar like a jack o’lantern
you turn your botched eye
to the curious world.
There’s something in the quirk
of your hobgoblin mouth
that seems to mock
yet might break into sobs
any moment.
Little changeling
you are so other
and so human.
They wouldn’t show you to your mother.
I wish she could have held you,
stroked your auburn curls,
traced the whorls
of your delicate, perfect ears.


*Medical term for a rare deformity in which a foetus is born
with the eyes fused in the centre of the forehead.

A C Clarke

in pamphlet collection, A Natural Curiosity, 2011, New Voices Press,
ISBN 978-1-906708-12-2; Winner of Stirling Off The Stanza poetry award, 2011
and poem of the month on the Stirling Council website